Communication for Connection & Growth

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3 Essentials

Communication & Culture are the foundation for everything you do as an individual; as a small business; as a large corporate…as a brand!

Deciding WHO you are and using that identity as the basis for all your interactions and decisions is THE defining factor between those that become great and those that stay good. Defined culture and agreed-upon methods of communication bring unity of team and direction of focus. People, and the relationship between them remains a pivotal factor of success. Fostering connection and growth, both internally and externally, results in trust and loyalty.

Defining and actioning this process can be exceptionally difficult, if not impossible, to do from the inside of your business where different mindsets and agendas exist. Allow Shirichena to guide and facilitate this process for you.

Shirichena takes its foundation from the principles and tools Aviation uses to pull their flight crews together – a subject called Crew Resource Management.

During any given flight, crews who may not have met each other previously are expected to bridge numerous differences in understanding, cultural background, values and personal judgement in order to operate safely and efficiently. Added to this equation are unpredictable external factors such as weather and routing, traffic, cargo and passenger needs, company financial expectations, technical issues and sometimes, emergency situations. Sounds a lot like business!

Drawing on 18 years’ worth of aviation experience, Shirichena uses the same principles and tools to help other people in their own teams and businesses, regardless of industry. Effective communication allows a free flow of energy through your team and ultimately to your clients. Energy that everyone wants to be a part of.

“My team has challenges getting on with each other.”

“Motivation, loyalty and teamwork have been our biggest stumbling blocks.”

“I try and give my team the freedom to make decisions that have a bigger impact and to collaborate with others on projects – to realise that the team is more powerful than the sum of its parts.”

“We’re trying to elevate our business but don’t seem to be able to reach our clients.”


Consciously choosing what energy your business needs to emanate is vital to how you will be perceived and your resulting business success.


Energy can leak, deteriorate or be wasted and these inefficiencies must be sought out and plugged, stopped or redirected.


Positive energy harnessed efficiently must then be given direction.

Autonomy & Innovation

Employees with clearly focussed positive energy = Autonomy = Innovation from the inside of your business out.